Friday, 12 April 2013

Welcome to New York!

Yes, this blog is mostly supposed to be about London.  However, it was upon my recent visit to New York that I was inspired to write this blog so it seems fitting that my first post should be about this glorious city.  And what better way to start my first day in New York than with that most emblematic of breakfasts...Pancakes!  And these, let me tell you, were no ordinary pancakes.  These were the fluffiest, lightest, most sumptuous pancakes the world surely has to offer.  If only my bed were as soft as these.  That's mine in the foreground with the blueberries on top and that's my boyfriend's in the background with the smothered melted chocolate.  (Incidently, my boyfriend loves chocolate, so chocolate lovers stay tuned, I'm sure there'll be plenty of chocolate-related future posts to come!)  And what is that pot of golden honey-coloured sauce on the side I hear you ask?  Well that can only be described as being a pot of maple-syrupy-molten-butter.  No. More. Words. Required.

If this hasn't whetted your appetite then read no further.  If however, like me, you are now salivating and seriously contemplating booking a flight to New York, then you need to head to the Lower East Side, to The Clinton Street Bakery. 

Having won numerous awards, these really are the real deal.  Due to the popularity of the place be prepared to queue, but, believe me, it'll be worth it!

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