Monday, 15 April 2013

Cafe a la Paris

Mondays were made for coffee.  I do believe that it is perfectly accceptable to drink as much coffee as one needs on a Monday.  I'm no medical expert but I'm pretty sure it's okay.  And on a Monday I like to drink mine in style and pretend I'm somewhere else.  Somewhere else like... Paris, say.  Let's face it, Parisians know how to drink coffee.  They just look better doing it.  It's one of those annoyingly-shouldn't-be-true-but-just-is things in life.  Like how the French wear messy hair and look as though they've just stepped off the catwalk, whereas the English do it and look as though they've just got messy hair.  So when I want to pretend I'm somewhere across the pond, I head to Store St. Espresso on Store Street.  One of my favourite streets in London, Store Street feels like a trip down a lane in the Marais.  And outside Store St. Espresso, the tables are always occupied by some insouciant Parisian looking types sat languering.  But don't be perturbed.  Because the coffee is good.  And if you have some time on your hands it's a lovely place to while some away.

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