Saturday, 13 April 2013

Saturday Night Takeaway

The best thing about New York that I discovered whilst being there recently, was that you could get anything, and almost everything, delivered to your door. An omelette and some fresh orange juice in the morning?  No problem. Sushi for lunch? Definitely. And London?  Erm, well yes, London. Not so much. When it comes to delivery options we're pretty limited let's face it. We're looking at pizza, curry and MSG-saturated Chinese. Imagine my delight then when I discovered Deliverance. I've been a satisfied customer now for years and along with the best name ever, they also serve up delicious, tasty food that tastes as good as home cooked. It's delivered to your door, by a friendly driver, in vaccum packed containers with not a spot of grease in sight.  But the best thing, is the choice. Sushi, Vietnamese, Thai, salads, lasagne, burgers along with the good ol' stalwarts mean you can keep everyone happy.  And the website's great too.  There's a healthy section for when you're bemoaning skipping the gym all weekend, and you can save down your favourites for speedy-finger clicking delivery next time.  Try it! 

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