Monday, 13 May 2013

The Road to El Rincon

Unassuming from the outside it may be, but this friendly Ecuadorian restaurant is a true London gem.  Situated on the Holloway Road, close to the tube, it is positioned inbetween several takeaway kebab and chicken shops.  One would be forgiven then, as I did myself many times, for walking straight past it without a second thought.  It was only when I secured myself some local knowledge and was recommended it by a friend, that I decided to venture inside.  So I entered, with mild trepidation, and, I must admit, somewhat low expectations.  However, all my fears were set aside upon first sight of my meal.  My friend had told me not to bother with the menu.  I had come here for one thing, and one thing only.  The meat platter.  (It's the first thing on the menu, and as far as I'm concerned, the last).  Still not knowing what to expect I ordered and waited.  I did not have to wait long.  Very shortly, it arrived, announced by a sizzling of most satisfactory proportions.  I was pretty much won over by this point but then I looked down and, lo, before me I saw... pork, chorizo sausage, lamb, chicken, steak, plaintain, rice, salad and the best salsa I have ever tasted.  Everything was delicious.  It's not the best meat you'll ever try but it's pretty darn tasty.  The steak was excellently cooked and very tender.  And what's more, it's bargainous.  At £26, it's easily enough for three, or split it between two and ask for a doggy bag.  (Trust me - you will need one!)  I'm now a regular as I'm lucky enough to call myself a local.  But this place would definitely be worth a trip.  Steer clear of days when there's an Arsenal home match on as it gets very busy with fans, and be prepared for impromptu live music every now and then, but come with an open mind and a hungry stomach and you will not be disappointed.

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